Tips To Prepare Your Child for High School
April 02, 2021
Although starting high school is exciting for many kids, it can also be overwhelming. Consider these tips to prepare your child for high school.

The transition into high school can be challenging for many kids. It’s a new atmosphere with new people and new expectations. Although you can’t prepare your child for all of life’s challenges, you can be there as their support system. There are various things you can do to make this a smooth transition. Consider these tips to prepare your child for high school.

Revisit Past Material

High school students study multiple subjects and typically have homework each night. To help make things more manageable, consider re-visiting past material with your child. A refresher can help your child remember tips and tricks to help with their learning. For example, high school students typically do a lot of reading throughout the year. Therefore, it might be helpful to consider how to build your child’s reading comprehension. Independent reading is common in high school, so revisiting this information is sure to help.

Address Their Concerns

Some children experience anxiety before high school because of all the uncertainties. One of the best tips to prepare your child for high school is to simply talk about their concerns. Are they nervous about the workload? Are they overwhelmed by the number of kids at the school? It’s important to address their concerns so you can work together to find a solution. You could take a tour of the school before the first day. You could also suggest that they join a club or sport to make some friends.

Addressing their concerns can help alleviate some of the anxiety associated with the transition. This also exemplifies the importance of communication. If your child understands the benefits of transparency, they’ll be more inclined to reach out for help when they need it.

Work on Organization

Lastly, organization plays a big part in your child’s success. Since they’ll be taking multiple classes, it’s helpful to work on organization. Sit down with your child and figure out a system that works for them. For example, encourage your child to use a folder for each subject to keep things organized. It’s also important for your child to use a planner. A planner helps keep all their assignments, projects, and tests organized. The ability to organize is a skill that’s helpful in many situations, so developing this skill early is beneficial.


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