Tips for Designing a Modern Kitchen
January 27, 2021
There are many things that can be done during a kitchen remodel to bring a modern appearance for the room many consider to be their favorite in the home.

In many families, the household runs through the kitchen. It’s a central meeting place where guests and occupants alike gather to enjoy good food and even better company. But a poorly designed kitchen can spell disaster for any event that takes place in there, making it a critical step when decorating your home. Here are six tips for designing a modern kitchen that your family and friends are sure to love.

Minimalist Design

An important facet of many modern home designs is the goal of keeping anything unnecessary to a minimum. This minimalist design philosophy includes keeping decorations to a minimum. This allows what is displayed to really shine and stand out. The same is true of the kitchen hardware like the knobs, handles, pulls, and hinges where simple is better.

Horizontal Lines

The key to the simplicity of modern design is the use of horizontal lines. Lines are easy on the eyes and present an appearance that is complete and organized. Using cabinetry panels that run the length of the kitchen and have consistent straight lines makes a room look much more complete.

Frameless Cabinetry

Another design element common in modern kitchens is the use of frameless cabinets. This is another minimalist trick designed to prevent you from looking at any one place for too long. This elegant look has started to become standard in many newer homes but also has much to offer in older homes that are being remodeled.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

The next step in modern kitchen design is the selection of a monochromatic color palette. Not only will this help with reducing the design decisions that you will have to make, but it also offers a uniform, pleasing look. The use of white throughout the kitchen has become a go-to for many interior designers.

Industrial Accents

The next tip for designing a modern kitchen is to use industrial accents to give a pop of life to your kitchen. Exposed brick, simple backsplash, and exposed pipes are all useful tools for completing the look.

Natural Materials

If monochromatic isn’t your style but you still enjoy the sleek looks of a modern kitchen, consider using natural materials to add a splash of color. There are many unique options for cabinet finishes that make use of the natural beauty of nature. Natural lighting can help brighten the room in ways that artificial lighting would struggle. Use wood-stained or marble countertops for extra elegance and sophistication.


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